What is Managed Print Services (MPS)?

Managed Print Services (MPS) provides services delivered by Canon Solutions America related to the support and management of any approved networked laser printer by the contracted vendor. The MPS program seeks to achieve

  • Overall reduction in total cost of ownership of the print environment.
  • Improved end user productivity and efficiency.
  • Enhanced document security.
  • Overall element of sustainability.

What is the reason for the change?

We want to provide a sustainable printing solution which enables end users to access better document output features and increased functionality. This managed service gives us the ability to control costs while improving the end user experience.

What are the main benefits of MPS?

Our objectives in implementing MPS are to:

  • Control Costs – to ensure we can keep our costs under control.
  • Security – to provide secure printing, so documents remain confidential.
  • Productivity – to enable us and our processes to work in a more efficient and effective way.
  • Integration – to work better within our current IT infrastructure and pass those improvements on to you.
  • Sustainability – to reduce impact in areas such as power and paper consumption.

What is covered by this new service?

The MPS Program will provide:

  • Break/fix services
  • Toner fulfillment, and monitoring services for printers
  • Parts/Supplies (except paper)

Each printer covered under the MPS Program will display a Canon Solutions America tag for ordering toner, service supplies. You simply call the number and provide the printer serial number on the tag when calling for service and supplies.

About Managed Print Services

By leveraging our expertise in print management, our team members can truly optimize their fleet through a balanced approached, reducing costs while also increasing their level of service.

Today’s business climate is more challenging than ever before. To remain cost effective, Universities must look to all aspects of their expenses for cost-cutting opportunities that not only improve savings but also increase productivity and enhance operational efficiencies. With an estimated 1% to 3% of annual revenues being spent on print related activities, industry analysts continue to highlight document output as a key area for significant cost savings.

Managed Print Services are designed to not only simplify the management and administration of an organization’s print environment, but also to right-size fleets so that better efficiencies, productivity and cost savings can be realized.

By actively managing devices through UNL’s Managed Print Services, our customers will realize significant benefits including:

  • Control and reduction of per page printing costs
  • Simplified vendor management – one vendor to support all printing needs
  • Reduced support burden
  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Increased device availability

Through the powerful combination of employee education and the comprehensive reporting provided by these solutions, organizations can further drive down their total cost of print output including:

  • Uncovering the true cost of printing
  • Educating and empowering employees
  • Implementing and managing policies
  • Reducing costs and improving user productivity
  • Heightened document security

By consolidating print devices, standardizing the infrastructure and better leveraging technology, organizations can enjoy significant cost savings while improving the level of service delivered to end users.

Phase one of MPS

The initial phase of an MPS engagement includes an assessment of the overall print environment single function printers and multi-function printers including the costs associated with the output devices. This helps not only to establish cost savings through a single function printer CPP program, but also helps with the development of right-sizing recommendations.

With a MPS contract, one can identify additional cost savings opportunities environment including:

  • Additional print migration.
  • Right-sizing – Do you have too many printers, too few, proper MFP ratio.
  • Workflow process enhancements- single driver for printer's MFP’s, secure print options.
  • Lower Total Expenses and enable you to control and reduce print related costs.
  • All-inclusive cost-per-page program is designed to optimize print environments, eliminate costly supply stocking and lower overall laser printer costs.
  • Get the supplies and service necessary to keep the printer fleet running at peak performance.
  • Gain visibility into print cartridge costs with a single invoice for all laser printer expenditures.
  • Reduce the burden on IT departments so internal IT resources will be able to focus on core business systems and value-added technology initiatives.
  • Gain control over your print environment leveraging industry-leading tools to determine printer usage and associated costs.
MPS Form


Questions? Please contact Mike Case at mcase5@unl.edu