UNL has sponsored a cost-per-copy (CPC) program for the past 15 years with the assistance of selected contracted vendors as equipment providers. Thanks to you and many other department CPC administrative staff, this program has experienced phenomenal growth and acceptance on campus. Canon has been chosen as the vendor for UNL's needs, providing the following for campus CPC departments: 

  • Cost per copy features - no minimums on black and white prints or copies, and no charge for scanning
  • Multi-function devices have print, scan, copy and fax capability
  • Toner, supplies, maintenance and training from Canon are covered in per copy charges
  • Adaptability in meeting changing technology
  • Internal storage systems that meet all industry data security standards, with disk overwrite capability
  • Continued easy, simple billing

All Equipment provided is Energy Star Certified. We have color scanning capability even on all copying equipment. The Canon contract includes unlimited training for campus users and a complete print management program as discussed below. All you need to supply is the paper and proper electrical/IT connections.

Many organizations are moving towards a new business model to maximize and best deploy the anticipated savings generated in the new print management environment. We will be sharing more details after the new equipment is installed, but the central idea would be to move small print jobs from desktop inkjet and laser printers to the new Canon multi-function devices, and larger print jobs from departmental equipment to high volume copy centers. Those implementing this strategy have seen costs reduced by 10%- 30%.

New Placements – Moving Forward

Canon will configure devices in their warehouse prior to delivery to UNL according to the specification provided by our security and IT team. Bring them on campus ready to 'plug and play.' All installations will include set-up and training on the new device. Our CPC representative will “right-size” your machine according to your requirements.

Questions about the CPC program or the upcoming campus equipment replacement process should be directed to John Yerger (2-5113), Mike Case (2-3211) or e-mail address cpc@unl.edu in the Print & Copy Center.

Thanks again for your commitment to this valuable program. We appreciate in advance your patience and cooperation during the transition this summer.

Pay Only for the Copies You Make

  • Print, Copy, Fax, Scan all in one unit
  • No long term lease
  • Free toner & maintenance
  • All you pay for is cost of copy and paper
  • Easy billing through your UNL Cost Object Number

Toner is Free!

However, you will need to order your refills and make sure you have adequate supplies on-hand.

Just call 1-800-355-1390 and use the menu options. Have your Machine Serial Number ready.

Or go to https://emanage.csa.canon.com 24 hours a day/ 7 day a week – You will need to enter your machine’s serial number into the system. Verify your current machine location and supplies delivery location.

Service is included!

Just call 1-800-355-1385 Have your Equipment Serial Number ready! This can be found on the sticker located on top of your device (should be right on the document handler).

Or go to https://emanage.com 24 hours a day/ 7 day a week – You will need to enter your machine’s serial number into the system. Verify your current machine location and supplies delivery location.

Monthly Meter Readings are Required

Please supply the program coordinator with email and contact information of person(s) responsible for monthly readings.

  • On the 10th of each month, the program coordinator will send all users a reminder email.
  • Copy/Scan readings should be taken between the 10th and 20th of the month (preferably at the same time every month).
  • Enter your meter reading online
  • Print a copy of the invoice for your Accounting Office
  • Charges are sent to SAP on the 25th of each month

Program Contacts

Mike Case

 Cost Per Copy Manager

  p • 402.472.3211
  e • cpc@unl.edu  
  e • mcase5@unl.edu

Skylar Wendel

 Billing Contact
  p • 402.472.7831
  e • BFBCprint@unl.edu