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Addressing Campus Mail

How to address a Letter
Image of envelope with text explaining how to address it.
Follow these tips to correctly address your letters.
Image of a box with text explaining how to address it.
Follow these tips to correctly address your packages.

Use the addressee's name and the departmental name, address, and campus zip code.

Manila Envelopes

The use and reuse of manila envelopes for campus mail is encouraged but not required. Be sure when reusing manila envelopes that the previous addresses on the front and back of the envelopes are obliterated so there is no question as to whom the envelope is to be delivered.


Campus mail should be banded separately from USPS outgoing mail in your mail delivery/pick up box.

Courier Delivery

Campus mail service via courier is available daily to UNO, UNMC and most state agencies. Please use manila envelopes with your return address and mark clearly "UNO Courier", "UNMC Courier" or "Interagency Mail". The Omaha courier exchanges mail with Mail Services at 8 a.m. Mail to most state agencies, the Governor, and the Nebraska Legislature is exchanged by Mail Services with the State Office Building at 9 a.m.

Return Address

Mail delivered by courier exchange to the Statehouse/state office building interagency mail, including the Governor and Unicameral Senators, requires a complete return address and will not be accepted by the receiving state office if the return address is missing.

Included in On-campus Delivery

  • UNO
  • UNMC
  • STATE "Interagency Mail"
  • UN Foundation
  • NE Press
  • Center on Children, Families and the Law
  • Juvenile Justice
  • University of Nebraska High School
  • Center for Public Policy
  • Center for Great Plains Studies
  • College of Nursing
  • Online Worldwide
  • University Communications
  • Western Association Literature and Journal
  • Greater Nebraska Extensions- keep separated
    (Boxes are charged separately)
    • - Kearney, Concord, Curtis, Clay Center, Grand Island,
      Ithica, Norfolk, North Platte, and Scottsbluff

Mail Processing: Outgoing USPS Service

Addressing Mail

All outgoing mail must have a University return address including the University's name, department division, department name, department address, department P.O. box number, city, state, and department ZIP+4:

University of Nebraska-Lincoln (must be top line)
University Services
Mail & Distribution Services
1100 No 17th St
P.O. Box 880699
Lincoln, NE 68588-0699

Outgoing mail which has a personal return address or which is not official University business mail will NOT be processed through Mail Services. This mail will be returned to sender.

(Fraternities and Sororities are included in off-campus mail.)

Quality Standards

As a result of mail classification reform initiated by the USPS, there are regulations that determine how mailing addresses must/should be prepared.

  1. Address must be typed or computer generated (no handwritten addresses).
  2. Address must be complete with a city, state, and 5-digit ZIP code.
  3. Address must be 10 to 12-point type, letters not touching, and preferably sans serif (no feet on letters).
  4. Address should use standard USPS abbreviations. (Publication 28, Postal Addressing Standards)

First-Class Mail Metering

Mail Services equipment will meter and seal envelopes in one operation. Do not fold down the glued flap on the envelope, instead, leave the flap up. The department must seal all envelopes with flaps on end.

Flat mail (larger than letter size). Mark directly to left of delivery address the classification, e.g., first-class, standard-class, UPS. If you do not mark the classification, Mail Services will meter at lowest cost.

Thick envelopes (over 3/16") often jam metering equipment. Also, do not put paper clips, pens, pins or any other objects in envelopes; instead please use manila envelopes for items other than paper.

Check with Mail Services about pre-metering envelopes with items over 3/16" thickness.

Business Reply Mail Envelopes

Business reply envelopes are available for purchase from Mail Services. These envelopes qualify for discount rates on postage and are immediately available. These envelopes have UNL return address, but can be identified for delivery/billing purposes by inserting a 4-digit departmental code in the upper left-hand corner of the envelope. Call 2-2533 with questions or to place an order for envelopes. Please limit your request to 1,000 or less envelopes.

International Mail

Mail and parcels for delivery in a foreign country must include name of addressee, street address or box number, city, province, and country.

  1. The name of the country needs to be written in English without abbreviation.
  2. Must be in an envelope (no self-mailers).


See UPS C.O.D.

Mail Processing: Outgoing UPS, FedEx, DHL, Etc.

Expedited Services

USPS Express Mail, DHL, UPS and FedEx. Call 2-9970 for schedules, supplies and information. Evaluate the need for overnight or two-day delivery service as the cost of two-day service is greatly reduced. USPS Priority Mail is also an option but provides no delivery date guarantee.

  1. Mark the envelope "Expedited Services" if you want Mail Services to determine which service is least expensive yet provides adequate overnight service, OR mark the envelope with the name of the vendor you have selected.
  2. Mark the envelope to indicating as to whether you want overnight, second business day delivery or Priority Mail (USPS).
  3. Fill out the bill completely, ESPECIALLY the 4-digit campus ZIP code and the name/department of the sender which will allow us to properly re-bill the cost of delivery.
  4. Remember no vendor other than USPS can deliver to a post office box.
  5. Remember vendors other than USPS Express Mail may have additional charges for Saturday delivery or may have no Saturday service.


When preparing registered, certified, and insured mail, call Mail Services for regulation and preparation information. Please remember that registered mail:

  1. Must have return address and mailing address written directly on package. (self-sticking tapes will not accept inked date stamp)
  2. Cannot use padded envelopes (Jiffy Pac).
  3. Includes insurance.
  4. All seams on envelope or package must be sealed with gummed tape, as they are date stamped by USPS for security.
  5. Must be signed for each time it changes hands; remains under lock and key in route.
  6. Ask for return receipt (if needed).
  7. Delivery will generally be delayed due to special handling.


If you need to mail COD, the only service currently available from Mail Services is UPS COD.

Mail Processing: Outgoing Requirements

Services Requirements
  • Forms must be completely filled out.
  • Internal billing reference number filled in with cost object or departmental 4-digit code.
  • Domestic
    • - No PO Boxes accepted!
  • Foreign
    • - Air bill signed
      - Contents listed
      - PO Boxes
      -Phone number must be included
Non Profit Bulk Mail
  • 200 or more pieces required
  • 2 extra samples needed
  • Required to be in zip code order
  • Complete addresses include:
    • - Name
    • - Address
    • - City
    • - State
    • - Zip Code
  • Non Profit Mail cannot include any requests for:
    • - Travel
    • - Insurance
    • - Credit Card Info
    • - Donation
Certified Mail
Registered Mail
International Mail
Stamped Mail
  • Stamped mail must be sealed.
  • Any pieces over 13oz. must have a UNL return.