Mailing List Management: Off-Campus Lists

We Provide...

...the use of our mail management software to UNL departments without charge. There are charges, however, for running mailing labels, spraying direct impression addresses on mail pieces, and providing USPS software documentation verifying the quality and make-up of a mailing. These charges will always be less than the postage discounts realized by using our software.

Mail Services mail list management software provides your department with the following services:

  • Address list hygiene (capitalization, removal of punctuation, proper abbreviations).
  • Address lookup and matching (against national ZIP code data base for correct ZIP code plus 4 add-ons, providing accurate delivery point barcodes which will be required for automation/discount mailing. The 11-digit barcode is the only barcode accepted by the USPS).
  • Removal of duplicate records (if consistent information is used).

Processing Mail Lists

The processing of mail lists by Mail Services software will automatically provide list hygiene, address lookup and matching (and, at your request, a listing of bad addresses for you to evaluate), and removal of duplicate records.

Our CASS certified software will incorporate Delivery Point Validation (DPV) and LACS (LINK) as a standard process. DPV will confirm whether or not a given address is an actual delivery stop on a carrier's route. If an address is valid, a full 9-digit zip code will be assigned and the address will qualify for barcoding discounts. If the address is not valid, the address will be flagged as "non qualifying," and will not be mailed. LACS (LINK) will allow mailers to identify an address that has been converted by a municipality to correspond with 911 emergency services. For example, RR & Box addresses will be converted to a physically locatable address. LACS (LINK) will provide this new address update information to insure mail delivery. Corrected address information can be furnished to the mailer upon request for a nominal fee.

Address Label Production

This software processing of mail lists can also produce mail "labels" in a variety of label formats, all of which can be accomplished in Mail Services.

  • Direct impression ink jet (address printed directly on the mail piece). In house equipment is available for both small mailing lists (up to 5,000 names) and large mailing lists (up to and including those over 100,000 names). Cost: $40.00 equipment set up fee and $0.029 to $0.039 per address.
  • Stick-on labels (one-up). Cost: $0.039 per label ($19.50 minimum)
  • 2x4 labels 0.05
  • 3x5 labels 0.15

Specifications and Requirements for Processing Departmental Mail Lists

Refer to this page for details on specifications and requirements for processing departmental mail lists...

Mailing List Management: On-Campus Lists

Official On-Campus Lists

Departments wanting to mail information on campus using the official University mail lists may do so by providing the following information to Mail Services.

  1. If the material to be mailed is printed in Printing and Copy Services, you will need to request that the finished printed material be delivered directly to Mail Processing, 1100 N. 17th Street, on your requisition to printing.
  2. If the material to be mailed is coming directly from your department or an outside printer, please deliver it to Mail Processing, 1100 N. 17th Street. Send a requisition (by mail or fax) requesting specific mail list(s) (see listing at right) along with the name of the printed material to Mail Processing, 1100 N. 17th Street, fax number 2-7051.

Specifications and Requirements for Processing Departmental Mail Lists

Refer to this page for details on specifications and requirements for processing departmental mail lists...

Available Official Lists for use by UNL Departments Include:

1 Vice Chancellors, Deans, & Department Heads
2 Managerial/Professional Directors
3 Faculty
5 Managerial/Professional Staff 
6 Office/Service Staff 
7 All Employees 
9 Central Employees

Bulk Mailing

UNL mails over six million pieces of nonprofit bulk mail every year. There are a number of requirements related to nonprofit bulk mailing. While you are still in the planning stage include the Mail List Management, 2-7330, in your mailing arrangements. Mail Services can be of assistance to you to ensure your mailing program is cost effective, efficient and timely. Some important aspects of mailing nonprofit bulk include the following:

  1. Permit 46 is a permit to mail classification is determined by the description in the indicia copy block. It is very important that the proper copy be printed on each mailing piece as it explains the type of service you want and the postage rate you are paying (e.g., nonprofit bulk or first-class).
  2. If you are mailing fewer than 5,000 pieces, you can either have the indicia printed on the piece OR have Mail Services meter the mailing at the nonprofit bulk rate. If you are mailing over 5,000 pieces, the indicia must be printed. If you have Permit 46 printed on all pieces, the permit must be obliterated on all copies handed out (not mailed). The indicia must be covered up with an adhesive label to mail fewer than 500 copies first-class mail (not a part of a bulk mailing).
  3. If you have a bulk mailing prepared by an outside printer (not Printing Services), you must receive clearance from Mailing Services to use the permit indicia as only paperwork signed by Mail Services employees is accepted by USPS.
  4. Be certain the material you want to mail nonprofit bulk is your own material and is not being produced or cooperatively sponsored by a for profit organization. If you mail cooperatively with for profit, you have to pay the commercial bulk rate (a higher rate). Mail Services can and will meter mail and bill your department at the commercial rate or the nonprofit rate, which ever is appropriate to the type of material being mailed.
  5. If you are planning a joint mailing with another nonprofit organization (e.g., a scholarly organization), that organization must be on file as nonprofit and have paid a mailing fee at the Lincoln Post Office. Otherwise, you must mail at the commercial bulk rate.
  6. All bulk mailings (nonprofit or commercial) must have a complete University address on the outside of the mailing piece in the upper left-hand corner. The USPS verifies bulk mailings; failure to list a complete University return address will mean the mailing will be returned to sender for correction and valuable distribution time will be lost.
  7. You must do the initial preparation for bulk mailing before sending it to Mailing Services. That preparation includes:
    1. Send a properly formatted diskette of you mail list to Mail Processing, 1100 No 17th Street, or e-mail to
    2. 200 pieces or 50 pounds of printed or duplicated identical material.
    3. Addresses have a 5-digit ZIP code.
    4. Folded edge of your mail piece on the bottom.
    5. Trim edge of your mail piece (the edge opposite the fold) is tabbed or taped, NO STAPLES.
    If these preparation guidelines are followed, your bulk mailing will be processed by Mail Services and the majority of the postage discount passed along to the department.
  8. Twenty-five samples of the exact mail piece are needed to determine weight and packaging according to new USPS classification requirements. Your samples will be returned.