Sending Files

Sending Files Over the Network

UNL Print Services can receive files on disk or over the UNL network. If your computer is on the campus network you can get files to us regardless of whether you use a Macintosh or PC. Outlined below are the files to send and the steps to transfer those files to us. Please remember to notify Print Services once your files have been transferred.

What Do I Send?

The files you send us depend mainly on the application you use to create documents. If you have created a document using software we support directly, just send us that file. If you use an unsupported application, you may have to export your document to one of our supported graphics formats. You also need to send us any linked images as well as any fonts used in your document.

Sending Fonts

Fonts are found in your Fonts folder in your System folder. You need to send both the screen fonts as well as the printer (PostScript) fonts. The easiest way to identify the fonts is to open the Fonts folder and select View By Kind. At the bottom of your window will be the font suitcases. These are the screen fonts. Send us the appropriate suitcases or individual fonts. Now look for a PostScript font near the middle of your Fonts window. These are the printer fonts. If there is a matching one for a screen font you just found, send it also. Not all screen fonts have a matching printer font, so don't panic if you can't find both. (Mac fonts sent via email must be stuffed)

PC (TrueType)
Most of the fonts you will need to send will be TrueType fonts. You can find these fonts in your \windows\system directory. They will have a .ttf extension.

PC (PostScript)
If you have PostScript fonts installed on your PC, they can usually be found in the \psfonts\pfm directory on your hard drive, and will have a .pfm filename extension.

How Do I Send These Files?

Beginning May 1st, 2017, FTP Access will be removed and be replaced with Box secure cloud flie sharing services. Please refer to the next section for Box file transfer instructions.

Box File Upload

Due to the increasingly unsecure nature of FTP, on May 1st, 2017, our FTP server will no longer be accessible for file transfer. Instead, we would like to invite you to use UNL Box for all file transfer needs.

  1. Setting up a UNL Box Account
    1. Go to
    2. Review Terms of Service
    3. Create Your Box Account
      • UNL Faculty/Staff/Students
        • Create your Box account and follow the on-screen instructions
        • You will need to use your My.UNL ID to login (e.g. jdoe2)
      • Non-university Accounts
  2. Uploading files into UNL Print Services (UNLPS) Box Folder
    1. Once you have your UNL Box account setup, let us know the email associated with that Box account and we will grant you permission to your specific departmental/contact folder in our main UNLPS Box folder account
    2. You will receive an email with a link to access your specific departmental/contact folder. Once that link is selected and the invite is accepted, that folder can be accessed for any future file transfer needs. Please let your UNLPS Customer Service Representative (CSR) know that new files for production have been uploaded to your folder
    3. If additional personnel wish to have access to the departmental/contact folder, let us know their Box associated email and we will send them a link to their specific account.
    4. File names should not contain symbols or punctuations as it may trigger our security scanners and result in delaying the process. The best procedure would be to package the InDesign working file (preferred page design software), making sure that all fonts and links are within the packaged folder. Zip/Compress this folder before uploading. Please let your UNLPS CSR know that new files for production have been uploaded to your folder
    5. All print ready pdf files can be submitted through prepress2 and/or your CSR. If the file is too large for email, the UNLPS Box account can be used for your convenience. These rules will also apply to proofing needs
    6. For files with high security concern, please copy your files on to a into USB stick and bring them into our location. One of our friendly CSRs will be more than willing to assist you with your print needs. Sensitive information will be removed from our secured storage once the project has been completed
  3. Resources
    1. How to use Box
    2. FAQ & What kind of data can I store in Box

As always, we are committed to assisting you with your printing needs. Please feel free to contact us with questions that you may have.

Other Media

UNL Copy Services can also receive files on disk or CD or USB stick. We can read 3.5" disks formatted for the PC. We can also receive Iomega Zip disks (100 & 250 MB) - PC users need to format their Zip disks with the Iomega Tools program.