Office Supplies

Office Depot Supplies

Please Note:

UNL orders supplies directly from Office Depot Business Services Division. All orders are to be placed with the Business Services Division and NOT Office Depot retail stores.

Ordering Supplies

Office Depot Returns

  • Read the linked form below for instructions
  • Call Office Depot customer service at 1-888-263-3423 for a return authorization number
  • Call University Stores at 472-2286 for pick up
  • Required Form: Return/ Exchange/Discrepency Form

Location and Contacts

University Stores

  l • 1100 North 17th St
       Lincoln, NE 68588-0644
        (click to view map)
  p • 402.472.2286
  f  • 402.472.7051
  h • Monday - Friday:
        7am - 4:30pm

UNL Contacts

Bob Gier
   Supply Control Supervisor
  p • 402.310.8549
  e •
Roger Spiehs
  Senior Buyer - Procurement Services
  p • 402.472.5741
  e •
Ken Reining
  Manager Mail & Distribution,
   Bindery & Promotional Sales
  p • 402.472.7029
  e •

Office Depot

Ethyl Alcohol


We also take orders for and distribute ethyl alchol for use in UNL's research labs and science classrooms.

  • On Campus Requisition Required
  • Call 472-2286

Quantities & Rates Per Unit

3.79L (gallon) 200 proof (100%) $13.65
3.79L (gallon) 190 proof (95%) $13.65
500ml (pint) 200 proof (100%) $2.55

*Pricing may change with current market price.

ethyl alcohol